Ask About Our Extended Warranty

California Quartz comes with a limited 5 year manufacturer, nontransferable warranty. All materials are guaranteed to be free of defects for a period of 5 years when subject to normal use and care.

California Quartz comes with a limited 10 year manufacturer, nontransferable warranty if installed by applicators who have been trained by California Quartz and received our Platimum Level certification.

For our best warranty, and to ensure our product is installed and applied in the best workmanlike manner, insist your contractor's applicators are Platimum Level Certified by California Quartz.

* See Warranty For Details.

Disclaimer: Exposed aggregate products will be exposed over a period of months depending on the aggressiveness of the water chemistry.

CA Pool Finishes Recommended Start Up

The pool finish will start to hydrate and cure immediately after mixing. This time period is when a finish is most susceptible to staining, scaling and discoloration. Proper start-up procedures including timely brushing and constant monitoring and adjusting of the pool water is mandatory. The following recommended start-up will provide best results. Brushing and monitoring chemical will be mandatory by the pool owner or a trained pool technician during the service life of any pool surface. NEVER MIX CHEMICALS–ALWAYS ADD CHEMICALS TO WATER, NEVER WATER TO CHEMICALS.