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Commercial California Quartz

High performance pre-blended pool finish.

Enhanced cement strengthens overall finish.

The natural quartz and marble blend allows for a smooth finish.

Resistant to aggressive water.

Strength and longevity are double traditional pool plaster.

Manufacturered in a controlled environment.

Moh's Mineral Hardness Scale


Perfect for high capacity swimming pools.

Durable for schools and aquatic centers.

Stunning finish for HOA swimming pools.

CA Pool Finishes Recommended Start Up

The pool finish will start to hydrate and cure immediately after mixing. This time period is when a finish is most susceptible to staining, scaling and discoloration. Proper start-up procedures including timely brushing and constant monitoring and adjusting of the pool water is mandatory. The following recommended start-up will provide best results. Brushing and monitoring chemical will be mandatory by the pool owner or a trained pool technician during the service life of any pool surface. NEVER MIX CHEMICALS–ALWAYS ADD CHEMICALS TO WATER, NEVER WATER TO CHEMICALS.