Introducing California Quartz

Have fun in the sun as California Quartz extends the life of your pool's finish.

With California Quartz you get:
Durability • Strength • Beauty • 12 Magnificent Colors • Comfort
Ancient Building Formula • Natural Variations • Exposed Aggregate Products

California Quartz enhances surface ability to resist deterioration caused by use, cleaning, sunlight and chemical attack.

Natural Variations
Just like in nature, natural variations should be expected and even welcomed. An uneven finish may appear marbled but actually adds to the inherent beauty and uniqueness. Colors may change from pool to pool and at varying depths within the same pool due to sunlight exposure and surroundings. Similar variations are found in wood, marble, leather and other natural products ensuring your pool is not identical in appearance to any other.

12 Magnificent Colors
Available in 12 pleasing colors that just keep getting more beautiful. Over time more crystals are exposed causing the color of your pool to become deeper and richer, especially during the first few years.

The textured finish is smooth, comfortable and slip resistant.

Quartz is one of the world's hardest minerals providing you with long-lasting enjoyment. California Quartz is a blend of white plaster, quartz, pozzolans, and polmers. Creating an ancient building formula used by the Greeks and Romans some 2,000 years ago to build such structures as the Colosseum and Pantheon which are still standing in Rome today!

California Quartz is naturally tumbled creating variations in pattern, texture and hue for striking beauty. The result is improved depth perception which will add to the way guests admire your backyard.

Exposed Aggregate
These products will be exposed over a period of months depending on the aggressiveness of the water chemistry.

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Available in 6 Exposed Colors

Also Available in 6 Standard Colors

Ask About Our Extended Warranty

California Quartz comes with a limited 5 year manufacturer, nontransferable warranty. All materials are guaranteed to be free of defects for a period of 5 years when subject to normal use and care.

California Quartz comes with a limited 10 year manufacturer, nontransferable warranty if installed by applicators who have been trained by California Quartz and received our Platimum Level certification.

For our best warranty, and to ensure our product is installed and applied in the best workmanlike manner, insist your contractor's applicators are Platimum Level Certified by California Quartz.

* See Warranty For Details.

Disclaimer: Exposed aggregate products will be exposed over a period of months depending on the aggressiveness of the water chemistry.